Welcome to Greiner Diagnostic


Welcome to Greiner Diagnostic, the inventors of the first fully selective analytical device for medical diagnostics, that formed the basis for most modern analyzers as we know them today.

Nowadays, the German-Swiss connection of the Greiner Diagnostic Group still stands for professionalism in science and technology. As a producer of reagents and analytical devices, our products and new ideas are characterized by the tradition of quality awareness, reliability and consistency - with focus on the user in the clinical laboratory.

We develop and produce reagents especially for clinical chemistry, as well as calibrators and controls.

The well-being of the patient is our aim, for this we also collaborate with universities and other research institutions.

Greiner Diagnostic:
  • Products for Clinical Chemistry: best quality at competitive prices
  • In-house production of reagents
  • Flexibility
  • Niche in-demand products e.g. tests for oxalate, pyruvate, ACE, etc.
  • Liquid and lyophilized preparations
  • Range of kit sizes, for routine use and research purposes

Greiner Diagnostic is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and the harmonised EN ISO 13485 and produces according to European and national standards, i.e. IVD-directive 98/79 EG and the German medical device law. We market under Greiner label but also welcome OEM customers.

Successful audits also by American and Canadian experts have confirmed: Greiner Quality delivers what is promised.

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